The Moulin de Fresquet was built in the 14th century and was under the rule of the Grange of the Cistercian monks of Figeac.
In the 18th century, large-scale improvements permitted the miller and his family to live on site to have heat thanks to the “Cantou” (Quercy chimney).
Finally, the construction of several outbuildings completed the property at the beginning of the 19th century, allowing animals to be housed as well !
The mill produced wheat flour up until about 1920, then fell silent except for the working of the farm. It was re-started several times during WWII and finally ceased operations at the end of the war.
Then began a long, slow decline : agricultural farm, trout’s breeding ,etc… It seemed as if nothing could save this venerable building.
We acquired the property in 1987, in a state of complete abandonment and partly in ruins. Despite its pitiful state, we were touched by the romantic site and by the remains of this elegant building. We spent almost three years renovating the mill, giving it all the care so desperately needed, and since 1990 took in the first travelers and other pilgrims on the Route Of St. James of Compostella.
Now, we are happy and proud to see the mill restored and providing pleasure to our guests, just as in the past, when three pairs of millstones turned joyously, grinding the grain to provide precious flour. Please, see the video